About Travelogy

Traveling has always provided its own surprises. The discoveries. A moment where your planned itinerary came into a chaos, or an unplanned trip that turned into a memorable one, all has its own stories. Discoveries that became experiences, learning.

Against all the odds, I enjoy every traveling moment, with all the crucibles, the bitter sweet of learning. The rooftop Himalayan ranges teaches me about endurance, which is well-paid off. My great Mekong river adventure teaches me how to team up and share affections. And my crashed plane reminds me that I was given a second chance. All confirmed my statement that traveling is a state of learning.

Mostly went on a solo trip, traveling is about being myself, contemplating and sharing a private moment only with ‘the me’. Traveling is my pilgrimage towards an inner peace, acceptance and spirituality, so called traveling with an ideology.

It was my mother who foresee that I was born to be a wanderer, therefore I am. In search of an envisioned dreams of discoveries, ‘travelogy’ is my ideology of traveling. And these sketch of notes are my memoirs to remember the moments I love the most.

A hello to the awesome world from me.

-Aria Widyanto-

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