Git Git and the Calon Arang

Arul took me to the waterfall, it was a 20 minute-uphill climb. It was not the fountain that makes me impressed, but the fact Arul told be along the way up there. It’s about the Git Git tribe, the magic surrounding it, the Sanur’s Leak, the Calon Arang story, and of course all about surfing world and Mr. Taguchi, the Hawaiian Japanese.

Git Git was an outcast. Despite the bustling tourism boom in Bali, Git Git stays as it is. Surmounted by magic. I spent two days with them, enough to feel the spirit of their outcasting life. Kindhearted, helpful yet mysterious. I never heard any visitors stays with Git Git. But I did.

On another evening, Arul took me to an ancient cemetery. Damn! Villagers have gathered, and they invited as well the Bupati. But all the lights were turned off, throughout the villages. No electricity, just some torchlight lit of jarak oil lighted the pathways to the cemetery.

“Calon Arang” Arul whispered me. Another damn! It was just a mystical folklore, right? Not even exist nowadays.

No, this was a special evening, and they are now inviting the Calon Arang, ancient spirit to show off their existence and power. Another damn! And I am trapped here with all those supernatural creatures! Another damn!

But I cannot see ghost. So, everything is gonna be alright, I thought. They shall go beyond my sight and logic. I am a logical thinker.

But…. another damn!

I start seeing a flashing shadows of fire, jumping a 5m wall or so. And another one is coming. They seemed to fight each other. Blinded by the light-less night, I could see they were man-like creatures, but seemed taller and so scary that I could dare not to describe. They are the Calon Arang. The spirits of ancient hero which were invited back to life-world for amusement. They are spirits of the dead who cannot rest in peace because of their mystical powers still embedded to their souls. Some of them must have sold their lives to devils, I guess.

No, I’ve just seen spirits of the dead bodies. Where’s my ghost-filtered eyes?? Another damn!

When we wrapped up the day at Jimbaran that late evening, Arul offered me smoked corn. No appetite, and I guarantee three-days sleepless night afterwards.

Last day of staying with Git Git, Arul asked me to see a Leak, the people inherited by a black devilish power as a result of curse in the past. They are red-eyed, and they eat babies. Oh no…. another damn!

No, enough! These mystical experience have had enough to haunt me for weeks. I am going back to the city!

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